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Contrary to popular belief, your business’s brand is not just what colors you use and the logo you choose. It has to do with the way that you talk and interact with your readers. It’s in the messages that you share, the content that you produce, and how you handle your clients. It is EVERYTHING!

Having a strong brand completely focused on the RIGHT audience will do more for your business than paid ads ever will. A strong and targeted brand allows you to build a loyal following that is worth it’s weight in gold. 

Having 1,000 TRUE fans will be far more beneficial than having 100,000 random people. 

Branding 1
Branding 2

If you...

  • Aren't clear on who you're speaking to
  • Don't have a consistent look, feel, and language across social media
  • Aren't attracting the clients that you really want

Then your brand is not nearly as strong as it should be. 

Don’t worry, we can fix it!

About the process

Branding 3

Developing your brand strategy

We will take an in depth look at your business and who you are trying to help. We’ll go through everything about your ideal client, your competitors, and the market to come up with a strategy that will make the most sense for you and for your audience.

Branding 4

Developing your brand identity

Once we know who you’re going to be talking to, we need to know how to attract them. We’ll dive deep to make sure that your messaging works not only for you and your values, but also for your ideal audience. 

Branding 5

Putting it all together

Only after we figure out who you’re talking to and how you’re going to talk to them can we start working on the visual elements. By the time we get to the fun stuff though, you’ll have such amazing clarity about your business that you’ll know what your audience would like without even thinking about it. 

Don’t let the thought of determining your brand overwhelm you. Even if you aren’t sure who your ideal client is now, by the time we’re through you’ll have absolutely no doubts. 

Having a strong brand that works for you is more valuable than any amount of advertising. Not only will it build credibility and trust among your audience, but it will also make it easier for people to buy from you. Whether you’re selling products, services, or even just using affiliate links, having the trust of your audience will make all the difference. 

Branding package investments start at $2,000

Are you ready for some clarity yet?

Need to talk about getting a website with that amazing branding? We can do that too.

What about some Google friendly content for that new site? We can do all of that too.

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